CDR From Hell

This page is dedicated to trading high quality live recordings on CDRs.

Before arranging any trades please read my rules.


Most, if not all bootleg trading activity has shifted towards online trading via Bittorrent, and made pages like this sort of obsolete. I am keeping this site up and keep on updating it for reference purposes. Trackers which list bootleg torrents are e.g. Dimeadozen, The Trader's Den, Bootcity, just to name a few. They also have tutorials and HowTos to get you started if you are unfamiliar with Bittorrent.

I would like to thank all the good people I had the pleasure to trade music with during the last couple of years. Keep on rocking!


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"The most important thing about music is sharing." (Eric Clapton)

"A performance exists at a particular moment in time. It is always, from the artist's point of view, 'live'.It is shared at the same moment it is created. There may be all sorts of preparations, including the writing of a script or song or score, reherseals and so forth; but the actual performance occurs in a moment and necessarily expresses that moment... The performing artist retains no control over his or her performance; as soon as it is brought into existance, it is given away."(Paul Williams, Performing Artist: The Music of Bob Dylan)

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