• My Trade Rules

    I have scans of all covers and CDs available unless stated otherwise.

    I use EAC to extract to hard disk first, the DAO to burn the CDR.

    In other words, NO clicks, NO pops, NO 2 sec gaps between tracks, but high quality copies. I use 80 min CDRs when necessary. If your CDs have pops, dropouts or other errors, please let me know upfront. If you don't. I reserve the right to send back such CDs.

    If you approach me, you must send first.

    I send scans of covers by email upfront, unless otherwise agreed.

    I usually don't send Jewel cases, but wrap the CDRs well and use a padded envelope.

    I'm not picky about which brand of CDR you use.

    I provide high quality. Please do the same.

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