• Yardbirds

    Live Yardbirds! feat. Jimmy Page

    Date: March 30, 1968

    Venue: Anderson Theatre, New York

    1. The Train Kept A-Rollin
    2. You're A Better Man Than I
    3. I'm Confused
    4. My Baby
    5. Over Under Sideways Down
    6. Drinking Muddy Water
    7. Shapes Of Things
    8. White Summer
    9. I'm A Man
  • Total Time: 44:43

    Quality: B+

    Source: CDR


    Comments: The withdrawn live recording, shortly before the split up of the Yardbirds and the formation of Led Zeppelin. For those interested in the roots of Led Zep, this and Robert Johnson's recordings (available from CBS and others) are keys to Led Zep's tunes. I'm Confused became Dazed And Confused, White Summer and Train Kept A-Rollin were also in LZ's repertoire. The record was withdrawn due to legal pressure from Jimmy Page and LZ, because of (as they said) the poor performance and the poor recording, which they thought of an embarassment. A keystone to LZ, though.